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Document Section
Bullet Audit Report ASP Rating – Zone Wise in Document Section.
Bullet Please inform the branch service executive in case you come across the refrigerators with the cabinet nos as per the list which is given in the knowledge base section of Franchisee World Documents.
Now get more visibility on Spares availability in ‘Spares Supply Chain’ module introduced in Documents section. This is available after the ‘Quality Feedback’ tab.
PCB Identification For ACs introduced under Knowledge Base
New Product Introduced – Edge Model with Muziplay in Knowledge Base section
Video for Door Opening of GWI 5511 RES & REOS uploaded in Knowledge Base section.
Desired Sales System
Item codes for 4HE2W2 (GWS 6501PPI), 4HJ1W2 (GWS 8001 PPI), 4HF117 (GWS 6801 PPL), 4HH117 (GWS 7201 PPL), 4HG196 (GWS 7002 PPC), 4H0729 (GWF 621 FCS), 4H1329 (GWF 651 FCS), 4H2929 (GWF 701 FCS) have been uploaded.
Item codes for 2HDZC3 (GDE 195 BX2 CANDY GREY), 2HDAC3 (GDE 195 BX1 CANDY GREY ), 2HDDD2 (GDE 195 BX3 SAPPHIRE BLUE ) & 2HDDD5 (GDE 195 BX3 SAPPHIRE RED)uploaded.
Item codes for 2H0NSS (GFE 25 SMT4 SILVER STREAK ) and 2H4XH1 (GFE 25 AY MERCURY SILVER) uploaded.
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